We want to see the youth of the Apache reservation prosper in life. Our goal is to mentor them into adulthood and be a helping hand when it comes to creating a life based off of their passions.   We hope to plant seeds of hope and ambition to increase prosperity in their lives.


Back in June of 2018 a group of us volunteered at a basketball camp for two weeks in the Apache reservation. We grew an immense bond with the youth there and saw a lot of the hardships that the kids face on a daily basis. We decided that we would create a program that would help enhance the lives of each young person we connected with. 


At Nona we work individually with each student to uncover their passions and aspirations. During the week long journey to Orlando we hope to instill a sense of excitement and purpose for their lives. We want to be a resource for their career and life goals. If we can help one kid prosper in their lives then little by little we can help their whole community prosper.

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